Thursday, 11 March 2010

The Hamlet Historian Magazine

For its contributors the Hamlet Historian has always been a labour of love. No money is really made from it. All profits have been ploughed back into other ventures such as the brass plaque for Pa Wilson, the founder of Dulwich Hamlet, that is situated at Champion Hill. The next project ... a new headstone on Pa Wilson's grave.

The magazine was brought into being in the late 1990s by Mishi Morath, as an offshoot from his Champion Hill Street Blues fanzine. I took over the reins of the HH a few years back. There have been 22 issues in all.

My own interest in the history of Dulwich Hamlet FC goes back a little bit further, and in 1996 I wrote a little book about the Hamlet's 'Victory Season' of 1920. These are very difficult to find now.