Monday, 13 July 2015

Congratulations to Altona 93

Presenting the trophy to the Altona 93 captain (with photobomber Jim Virgo)

Deserved winners of the Pa Wilson Memorial Trophy, the Altona 93 team and supporters will be taking their prize back to Hamburg in Germany. If they can get it through Customs that is. The trophy is nine kilograms of solid bronze and granite.

The visit to Champion Hill has been a memorable one for both clubs with friendships strengthened even further, despite Dulwich Hamlet slipping to a 5-3 defeat.

Roll on 2018 for the next fixture between the two clubs who will celebrate 125 years of history, both being founded in 1893. The Dulwich Hamlet first team are set to travel to Hamburg for the first time since 1925, when the legendary Edgar Kail scored a hat trick for the South London side whilst his counterpart Adolf Jager scored Altona's consolation goal in the 4-1 home defeat.

The Inter City 125 fund is raising money to pay for the club's travel to Germany in three year's time. Donations to the fund can be made on match days at Champion Hill.

Check out Andy Nunn's photograph album of the game here 
and David Bauckham's brilliant photo diary here.

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