Saturday, 21 May 2016

New Ground Planning Application

The Hamlet Historian magazine and website supports the planning application that includes the rebuilding of the Champion Hill Stadium on the site of the Astroturf on Greendale. The ground will be 4,000 capacity and to National League standard, with a 3G pitch. This will mean fewer postponements due to bad weather and a truer playing surface.

We would urge all Dulwich Hamlet supporters to contact Southwark Council’s Planning Department in support of the proposed new ground development (16/AP/1232). The well thought out plans that have been put forward by Hadley, the owners of the club, to my mind, will benefit the local community in a wonderful way and ensure Dulwich Hamlet Football Club has a bright future.

Dulwich Hamlet FC was this week awarded the prestigious Football Foundation CommunityClub of the Year Award for 2016. That is a fantastic achievement and genuinely deserved by the Club and its amazing set of supporters, who in recent years have done so much to bring to the fore the charitable spirit and community atmosphere that abounds at Champion Hill. Thousands of pounds have been raised for various schemes and charities. It is what marks our club out, hence the award.

As well as the unique character of the Club and its fans, few other clubs at the same level can match our rich and glorious history. For decades Dulwich Hamlet was one of the finest amateur teams in the country with tens of thousands visiting the ground week in week out.  

Yet, despite this wonderful history, it is THE FUTURE that is far more important to the Club. The real concern is that if they are not given the go ahead for the new ground on the adjacent piece of land, we may sooner rather than later witness the demise of Dulwich Hamlet FC.

Hadley’s proposed development – which will mean the Club will take the significant step of becoming a supporter-owned club – relocates the Club to the site of Greendale’s AstroTurf pitch. This could not be a better move for Dulwich Hamlet, as it would mean a return to the exact site they played on from 1912 to 1931.

A new all-weather pitch and improved facilities will not just be in use on matchdays, but will provide a permanent base for Gavin Rose’s Aspire Academy, so critical to the development of future Hamlet players, and will also be available for schools in the area on weekdays as well.

So if you want to ensure our great club survives, and provide a lasting legacy for the local community, make a comment at Southwark Council’s website. 

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