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1893/94 Results and Rules

In the early 1930s an old member of' Dulwich Hamlet FC loaned the Club a fixture card from  the 1893/94 season. This was, of course, Dulwich Hamlet's first 'full season' of competitive football, having been founded in January 1893. 

The owner of the marvelous artefact had kept it for almost forty years, and it was marked with all the completed results. The final column was his own individual score, and he scored five goals in the first four games, fourteen goals in all.
These results and the original version of the Club rules were reproduced in the 1931/32 Handbook. Notice that the original Club colours were dark blue and RED, although the team turned out in white tops and dark shorts.

The home matches were played at Woodwarde Road in Dulwich, and away at a number of locations – Brockwell Park, Streatham Common, Peckham Rye, Norbury Park and Dulwich Park. Looking at some of the scores it is very clear that Dulwich Hamlet FC was a formidable local force even in its infancy. 

Another thing of note is that even by the 1930s players subscriptions of two shillings and sixpence were the same as they were at the Club's inception. 

Originally published in HH11 Winter2003. 
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